What I Bought For This Winters

Winters are coming which means, warm clothes are much needed. In winters you need a hot cup of coffee with comfy clothes by Skims which are beautiful and stylish by Kim Kardashian who says that I want to make clothes available for every size .Not long ago Kim released her prime new collection of winter with cheap prices and good quality pieces .It was very hard to choose among them cause every piece was
remarkable and I wanted to get everything .I am their fan since 2021 ,and their loyal customer .I have selected some of my favorites below and will share my experience with you guys related to them .

This Teddy Zip-Up Hoodie with matching pants is love and so comfy, you could wear it on a sleepover party with friends, wear a shirt inside and when you feel cold you can take out your hoodie .

This next piece is this long sleeve t-shirt, I matched it with the same color biker shorts which rocked my style I bought it in black; you can order whatever color you need. My look is so alluring.

Last but not least this voguish, ultra modern caramel onesie which is perfect for an enthusiastic workout. This was one of my fav piece because of how smoothly it fits me.

For more wonderful pieces check out SKIMS.

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