Everything You Need and More This Winter

Hey girls , winters are coming and you have to fill your closets with this awesome new collection which are to die for. I have already filled my closet with these precious pieces. Every body type which is appreciable. I can’t wait to wear these pieces and be a part of my body. They have gone so far with this new collection, every piece is gorgeous and attractive and comfortable above all those things.

First of all I got this Knit tank because the material is soft as silk and the color of it is so cute ,yet it doesn’t makes my body look weird .I took this knit tank in baby pink ,you can get a different color as well.

The second thing I got is the Knit Unisex Pullover which keeps me warm and you can wear it with leggings this is a perfect laid-back outfit.

This Wrap Top is the trendiest and prettiest loungewear, it is perfect for date nights and night outs.

The next thing is this Zip Up Hoodie to put as activewear in the upcoming winter. Its fabric and light color will give a different style in the cold. For a complete look, you can also wear it with shorts or joggers, the matchable bottoms.

As you all know its winters and we all need a bath robe to keep us warm so I got this Short robe which are made up of wool.

This Knit Unisex Onesie is the best thing out of all the things I have ordered ,it is plain yet elegant .I have got all my skims products ,now it’s time to order yours

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