Every day is exciting, but some days are slower than others and require a little extra encouragement to get our creative juices flowing. That’s why we only have the most stylish and cutting-edge accessories on our desks and workstations. There are plenty of ways to make your office a haven of inspiration and practicality, from paperclip organizers and pencil holders to ultra-modern mouse pads and desk lamps.

Carved Hollow Flower Pattern 5 in 1 Desk Organizer 

If you must maintain a collection of bulky office supplies on hand, at the very least you can organize and store them in a pleasing manner. This feminine flower office set will take care of your papers, pens, and other little accessories.

Kate Spade New York Daisy Place Desktop Business Card Holder

Some of us still use business cards, and we love to display them. To keep on the edge of our desks, many of us are grabbing for Kate Spade’s “let’s talk shop” card holder.

Design Ideas ClipNote Desk Organizer

Hang this massive gold paperclip somewhere that collects trash. Step two: Add and show the most important information. Step three: Be amazed as no more pieces of paper get lost in the shuffle.

Umbra Magnetic Bulletboard

Umbra’s magnetic bulletin board is a sleek and modern catch-all for all of your miscellaneous notes, reminders, and images. It comes with both pushpins and magnets, making it a true workhorse.

Laura Davidson SOHO Eames Style Ribbed Management Office Chair

Without a nice chair, you can’t have a good day at work. Laura Davidon’s Eames-inspired ribbed chair has long been a favourite in stylish offices all around the world.